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Health Training

Health Training is the closest thing to a real-life personal trainer that you can find online. Instead of giving vague and insufficient advice, we focus on facts, science, and expert consensus.

Not Your Average Personal Trainer Blog

With today’s oversaturation of fitness blogs and social media health gurus, it’s easy to find advice on the most important healthy lifestyle aspects. Therefore, people that can’t afford a personal trainer have more opportunities to get their health in check.

However, just as every trainer has different training methods, the insight you’ll hear from various self-proclaimed experts and influencers will differ from one another dramatically. While some practices may be beneficial, others may cause serious harm.

Therefore, Health Training authors look at scientific researches and on opinions of experienced trainers to bring you a more useful tool for improving your health.

With this kind of approach, we provide guides, articles, lists and opinion pieces as an affordable alternative to expensive personal trainers.

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What to Expect from Health Training?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a complex journey with many hills and valleys. Therefore, Health Training highlights a great variety of topics.

Diet Regulation

Maintaining a healthy diet in combination with sufficient physical activity is crucial. Everyone has different physique and tolerances, that's why we've gathered useful information for everyone out there.

Healthy Sleep

We all know that our bodies need to recharge to gather more strength. However, getting plenty of sleep is not just one of the components of a healthy lifestyle - it's the foundation. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine is not as easy as it may sound, and that's why we're here to help.

Proper Exercise

Getting a workout plan is one of the top reasons why people get personal trainers. We will not only help you sketch out a plan for you to follow but will also provide enough guidelines to stay on track.

Emotional Health

Having to deal with everyday life along with a rigorous fitness routine can be too overwhelming for some people. Stress can greatly influence your overall result for the worse, so we aim to give you some guidance on keeping both your physical and emotional health in line.

Vices Management

Healthy lifestyle is one of the key components of getting rid of addictions. However, old habits are always there and can suddenly interfere with your progress. Even though it's a complicated issue, there are quite a few ways of battling it and getting back on a healthy track.

Guides for Beginners

The first step can be the most difficult one. Starting to improve your body and health from the ground up can be challenging mentally, physically and financially. We’ll teach you how to avoid the most common mistakes that beginners often make.

Shaping Your Body

If you’re an advanced gym-goer that wants to move and improve even further, Health-Training offers plenty of insights and articles on how to achieve the desired result, no matter how difficult it may be.